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The Tutorial Experience

1 hour sessions

One-on-one sessions

tailored to suit

Aligned with school curriculum

The first tutorial – after introductions – jumps straight in to the most difficult, usually recent, topic the student names, with the aim of developing confidence quickly.

Evaluation and assessment is continuous throughout the tute, and not only over a term.

Students bring questions and work with the tutor in a highly engaged way to find and resolve sticking points. Working-method is observed closely to identify areas for improvement.

Students gain confidence, developing deep understanding and competence; finding that memory load is reduced. Tutoring advances carefully at a pace which suits the student.

Homework is set and followed up.

MTA makes discriminating use of digital learning technology including Geogebra and Desmos.

MTA ensures confident and competent use of calculators; including the casio (NSW) and TI-nspire (Vic).

MTA keeps close contact with parents/guardians.

Consider Norman Doidge, “The Brain that Changes Itself” on neuroplasticity:

“ … [he] discovered that paying close attention is essential to long term plastic change. In numerous experiments he found that lasting changes occurred only when his ... paid close attention. When the [tasks were] performed ... automatically, without paying attention, they changed their brain maps, but the changes didn’t last.

Students at MTA pay close attention during highly-engaged tutorials, which encourages lasting knowledge and thinking growth.

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